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What is Naturally Made Wine?

What is Naturally Made Wine?

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No Chemistry in the Vineyard, No Bullsh*t in the Cellar: 6 naturally-made wines to taste with some fabulous nibbles hunted and foraged from Hunt&Forage.

When: 28th May from 7pm

Where: The Hop Box, Ware

6 glasses+delicious nibbles

*Your Evening*

The HopBox has craft beer down to a tee. But ever wondered what the wine equivalent is? Have you ever tried naturally-made wine without knowing what that means? Don't know your sulphites from your fermentation? If you care about what is in your glass, would like to drink wine from a vineyard that hasn't been sprayed in chemicals and would like to wake up hangover free, then come and try our wine! 

Join Bert & Emily for an evening of chat & discussion, and drinking of course! We'll talk you through what wines made naturally really are, and why they make great wine. You'll get to taste springtime whites, fashionable orange, and light red wines. All of which we think are fine natural wines full of vibrancy and elegance.

*Please note we have limited tickets available

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