Who we are......


Taste Union is a love story.

Yes of course, of wine and food. Plate and glass. It’s a story of girl meets boy. They met and easy-jetted around Languedoc Roussillon every second moment. After tasting and wondering and tasting and wandering, their business was born. This hidden gem revealed itself, hidden by a complicated terrain and questionable history.

275 farms later, 25 were signed.

If you have a soft spot or conscience for produce made by callused hands, where footprints mark the vineyard, farmers with an unwavering passion for their grape in that terroir and its wilder field life, who employ ancient wine making practices, then taste union might be for you.

We’ve drunk, ate, chatted and slowly got to know each of our winemakers. You will not find them on the shelf of the supermarket, 99% are exclusive to us. And, they’re a tad more expensive to be fair traders with everyone and, our planet.