Richard Bray, Roussillon

The Catalan spirit has intoxicated many Brits and Richard Bray continues this tradition. A nomadic colleague of Coume del Mas guru Philippe Gard.  Richard is a hugely talented creative polymath. Since 2008 he has made his own (exquisite) wines. Pens the copy. Takes the photos. He even has a book published.

His wine mirrors the man – a gentle, romantic giant.


Cathar(tic)’s patchwork of plots enjoys a winegrowing Roussillon amphitheatre – with wine terraces rising from the plain into the Pyrenees; right of stage, the impressive Canigou mountain and the Mediterranean Sea with its Tramontane winds. It is baking hot and very blustery. 


Fruit is full and ripe. Winds keep the vines fresh and clean. Underfoot is the sought-after schist. Old brittle rock. Compressed clay.  It drains easily, so arid, and the vines push their roots deep to survive. The struggle ensures a grape character full of flavour. 


In the winery, his approach is hands-off, organic (under conversion). With a little imagination to ensure each vintage best expresses the land.

We stock all of Richard's wines, that's how highly we rate him.