Mas de Mouton Noir

Cedric Mouton – Gorges gu Gouleyrous, Roussillon

Crazy winding mountain roads, Emily points, ‘turn left now down the small road’. We disappear, dropping through storm-carved potholes into the ravine. A kilometre of white-knuckle riding.  We stop at a fast-moving river at the bottom - bloody hell - it’s a slice of heaven...

Cedric drove across the river in his 4x4 to greet us with a big grin. We meet his horse Banzai, ‘I ride him naked every day to feel nature all around me.’  We meet his (beautiful, youthful) girlfriend, enough already, we meet the white goose…

Wine making began as a fascination for Cedric, at that time, he practiced the ancient Chinese art of Medical Qigong. The principles of holistic health, energy lines, organic balance, to maintain a flow of positive electromagnetic energy had another application in his sidehustle.

After unanimous encouragement & praise from his wine-loving friends, it became his dedication - to make beautiful 100% natural wine - Qigong principles applied to terroir health and winemaking.


Le Mas du Mouton Noir is in the splendid Gorges gu Gouleyrous between the towns of Tautavel and Paziols, in the foothills of the Corbiéres. 

He cultivates 6.5 hectares of mostly indigenous grapes - Muscat petit grain, Macabeu, Grenache Gris & Noir, Carignan, Syrah and Mourvèdre.  The soils are clay-limestone and some shale.


Pure organic farming: manual harvest, vinification in whole or destemmed bunches, ageing in steel or fibre vats.  In 2022 amphora vats from Georgia were acquired. 

 We are thrilled to introduce all his wines to the UK drinker, click below: