Domaine de Majas

Alain & Agnès Corrière, Roussillon

Lady luck holds her cards close to her chest.

Alain & Agnès inherited over 30h of vines in a range of exquisite terroir, but decades of selling bulk to the coop and supermarkets homogenised the wine and stressed the vines. The bank balance was as stressed as the vines and a chance meeting with natural wine guru Tom Lubbe inspired Alain & Agnès to convert.   

Don’t for one moment think that’s where fortunes changed, that’s where a decade of back-breaking work began to bring the vines back to life.  The final card in the lady’s hand, graft.

‘Cortado’ is a super example of the resulting fresh, energetic style. An equal blend of Grenache & Carignan, 50% direct pressed (like a rosé) + 50% a short 2-day maceration. The result is a supple, bright, minerally, slightly sour cracking wine, especially chilled. The wine carries the signature of their beliefs: organic farming, no interference in the cellar, imagination in the blending & making, something surprising in the glass.  Thank you.


Domaine Majas is situated in a mountainous-classified terroir, Caudiès-de-Fenouillèdes, nestled on the foothills of the Pyrenees. The grapes are blessed: up to 120-year-old vines, cleansed by the Tramontine winds, sitting in schist, volcanic stone, and mountainous limestone soils; the fierce sunshine produces very good fruit and is balanced by freshness & minerality from the terroir.  A variety of (mostly) indigenous grapes – Carignan, Chenin, Grenache, Macabeu, Rolle (Vermentino), Syrah – provide A&A with a flavour palette of opportunity in blending.


All the resulting wines are cheerful, exude a unique character, easy-to-drink, and super value for money.  We are really pleased to showcase their wines and, their hard-graft success story.