Domaine Pion

Romain et Nolwenn Pion – Minervois

Romain is a creative force of nature and Nolwenn, his impeccable muse, a native of this land.  

A trained oenologist, he handpicked his studies and apprenticeship across the region’s top Domaines.  Together they shaped a natural philosophy – a living viticulture – where a network of plants, herbs, and wines weave 'a favourable biological exchange with the soil’.  You’ll spot thyme, wild carrot, fennel all hinting at the fragrant aromas in their neighbouring fruit.  Their wines are born & raised in the plot.

The duo has 3 distinctive plots on this windy, varied, steep soil. At 400m altitude in Cassagnoles, the northern Rhone varietals Syrah & Marsanne enjoy minerality in shale and pebbles. These are the last vines before the forest and exude all that mountain freshness.  They live amongst black pines, chestnut trees, oaks, rosehips, mushrooms, eagles, wild boars, deer.  Plenty of fertilizer.  Even more competition for water which forces those roots deep.  Just below is Merlot on blue schist. 

Between plain and the mountain, we have ancient Carignan and Syrah.  Again, a jungle of biodiversity cades, buckthorns, wireworms, kernel oaks, thyme, dog roses, brambles, horses, wild boar.  Old neighbours, all full of character.  

Close to the plain a few plots, again of Carignan and Syrah.  Here it’s an orchard with figs, olives, and berries. 

All farming is done organically: mechanical, biological, without chemistry, respect for the seasonal rhythms.  Pruning is gentle, in goblets or guyots, there is no bonzai-pinikity pruning here!

His innovative mind is set free in the cellar.  The blending is unrestrained by rules.  With the organic raw materials, he is liberated to create flavours of the mountains and plains. The duo does this through blending, vinification depending on the cuvée – stainless steel, sandstone jars, barrels.  They embrace the hazards and variations of winemaking. 

From the moment we met Romain and Nolwenn, we knew we had to join their journey to make ‘joyful and elegant wines’.